The sicilian Liqueur

MANNOLU is a liqueur produced by hand with a mixture of aromatic, medical herbs, roots, oranges, bark, leaves, seeds and natural manna, pure and original, made in the area of Pollina / Castelbuono in the Province of Palermo in Sicily;Manna consists of exceptional healing qualities as well as the digestive characteristics.
It is a mixture of healthy plants, the exceptional manna, the taste of orange and a content of 28% Vol. of alcohol. All the active ingredients of the herbs give it a smooth, gentle and aromatic taste with a slight amber color.
MANNOLU is an excellent and genuine elixir with high beneficial organoleptic properties. It is a totally natural liqueur and does NOT contain additives and dyes and it is produced strictly with exclusive products "Made in Sicilia". It is also possible to mix various cocktails with MANNOLU.

This product transports the sicilian lifestyle in every single bottle. The pure Sicily.


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Ginseno alla Manna awarded World Spirits Award 2008