Welcome to the official homepage of A.P.L. Cefalù.

We are a company with head office in Cefalù (Palermo) on the island of Sicily. Our second domicile is Germany and we also employ sales representatives in the whole world.
Our main focus is our new product "MANNOLU" with Manna and oranges from Sicily, "MANNOLU ROYAL" our aperitif with Manna and blood oranges from Sicily, the Goji-berries-liqueurs "LIGOJ" and "DIGERGOJ" and also our liqueur "GINSENO", which won the gold medal in 2008 at the World Spirit Award in Austria.

Mannolu Spritz 2019

2x awarded silver medal by Selection

Just like Mannolu in 2017, Mannolu Royal was awarded the silver medal in the category Premium Select Spirits International 2018 by the German jury Selection.

The new Mannolu Royal

We are pleased to inform you that MANNOLU ROYAL is the brand-new product of APL CEFALU.
Just like Mannolu, Mannolu Royal consists of a mixture of diverse natural herbs, manna, a sweet tasting tree gum, exclusively produced in Sicily and Sicilian blood oranges.
But Mannolu Royal just has got an alcoholic content of 12% and consists of a natural red colour, which was of course produced 100% in a natural way, without preservatives or dyestuffs. The pure Sicily.

News about Mannolu

We are very pleased to inform you that Mannolu was awarded the silver medal of the Konradin Selection professional jury in Germany.

Mannolu - The Sicilian liqueur with Manna and oranges

MANNOLU is our brand-new product, which combines the excellent taste of oranges with beneficial herbs and the extraordinary tree gum "Manna", a speciality from Castelbuono, Sicily.

Would you like to taste our unique Sicilian product? Then taste our Mannolu. Contact us anytime:

E-Mail: info@aplcefalu.com or antoninori@libero.it or aplcefalu@gmx.de


Italy: (0039)335 - 6136864.
Germany: (0049)178-6982873. (We also speak English.)

Flyer "Mannolu" 2017

Here you can download the new flyer for our product MANNOLU.


Panel "Mannolu" 2017

This is the panel of our new product "MANNOLU".


Ligoj und Digergoj Flyer

These are the flyers of our products LIGOJ and DIGERGOJ.



Here you can find the panels for Ginseno and Ligoj&Digergoj.



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The current catalog of our liqueur GINSENO

Ginseno alla Manna awarded World Spirits Award 2008